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Dr. Terry Davidson, D.D.S., P.A. Testimonial

We have been in our new office for just over a month and it is amazing to recognize the changes in our delivery of service, our staff members’ excitement and especially, the positive reaction from our patients. Each day we are thankful for the opportunity to relocate and re-energize the practice, most often wondering, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”


The process was indeed overwhelming at times, filled with countless decisions and deadlines: However, the design-build partnership with Goetze Dental, Luke Draily Construction and Lickel Architecture provided us a group of experts determined to make our project a success. How comforting to realize that their goal was to make the office exactly as we dreamed, without pressure toward other agendas. Plans were drawn and redrawn to accommodate our current practice needs while anticipating future growth, development and technology. The team encouraged us to think creatively and then worked diligently to incorporate our ideas into the plans, always respecting our budget and expenses.


From the earliest stages everyone worked together, constantly communicating about all aspects of design and construction. Inga Paul did a great job with the floor plan and initial layout. Dennis Thome, J.P. Vergnes and also the Goetze Kansas City staff offered valuable guidance about delivery of service and choosing the best, most cost effective dental equipment. David Kelman developed the volumes of architectural drawings, assuring all regulations and codes were met. And, finally Bob Becker, Darrin Ingram, Blain Schober and everyone at Luke Draily Construction made our lives so much easier by maintaining incredible attention to detail and demanding a high standard of construction from all those involved at the building site. It was refreshing to be involved with professionals who truly seemed to enjoy working together. Despite the inevitable stress with a project of this size, the integrity of all the team members minimized the potential for conflict or expensive complications.


In short, we would highly recommend Goetze Dental and their design-build partners to anyone considering a new or renovated office project. With Goetze’s help, our new office was finished on time and within budget, but is better than we ever imagined.

Terry L. Davidson, D.D.S.
Ann L. Davidson


Favorite Spaces:
The sterilization center is the biggest surprise for us. While initially skeptical about the cost and whether a sterilization center was worth it, we are now completely convinced of its value. The ease of function and ability to assure the highest standard of infection control, are complimented by attractive counters and cabinetry. Our staff is proud of our commitment to infection control and they take every opportunity to show off the center and the process to patients.

In addition, the general traffic flow and lay-out of the office is so great. Movement of patients from check-in to check-out is well organized and the staff can deliver service in an efficient, progressive and pleasant environment.


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