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Whatever commercial construction project you undertake in Denver, CO, having the best commercial construction contractor is the most impactful thing you can do. Planning for new construction or renovation poses challenges to project owners under the best of circumstances, let alone in a volatile market or when faced with additional challenges.

Our team leverages more than a century of experience to provide pre-construction, construction management, design-build, and general contracting services that take your dream from concept to reality.

Bidding without hidden costs

Some companies submit bids fully aware their proposal will lead to later change orders and additional costs. 

Change orders and hidden costs represent a huge anxiety to every project owner, but they don’t have to. When you partner with Luke Draily, you know our first bid is accurate, plus we review all trade partner and supplier bids with clients.

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A leading commercial construction contractor in Denver, CO

Because “business as usual” just isn’t good enough for us.

Flexibility and Adaptability

We’re a team of problem solvers who relish a challenge and apply outside-the-box thinking. Construction isn’t predictable, but in the face of a challenge, our philosophy is “bring it on.”

Transparency, Integrity, and Accountability

Word is bond, that’s how we operate. You’ll always understand our process and take comfort knowing we look in the mirror first, not place blame elsewhere.

Forging Strong Relationships

When you partner with Luke Draily, you get the benefit of our extensive network, our wealth of construction knowledge, and our tenacious drive to deliver the best.

Not all construction companies are made equally

At Luke Draily Construction, we focus on the big picture without letting the little details slip by. We earned our reputation as a top commercial construction contractor in Denver, CO with good old fashioned hard work. Whether performing commercial renovation or new building, we use sustainable resources and practices.

Our commitment to the Denver, CO community extends to seeking new, innovative ways to protect the environment and lessen the impact of commercial construction. Contractors in Denver have a responsibility to build for the future.

Additionally, our dedication to safety has ensured more than one million hours of labor force and trade partner time on our commercial construction sites without a loss-time incident.

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