Quality Construction starts with the Best People

Luke Draily is very proud to have many award-winning projects in our portfolio. “Our talented people are the backbone and foundation of all  of our business relationships. They are above all else vital to our present and future success.” These aren’t just empty words from founder and president, Bob Becker. He truly believes we owe every positive experience – whether it be with an owner, a supplier, or a trade partner – to our extrememly talented and like-minded team. We have each other’s back and we deal with issues as a part of a bigger whole. When Bob started his company, he wanted independent thinkers and people that he could count on to do their own thinking and problem solving. Throughout our 25 years, we would say we have outkicked our coverage. The proof is in everything we do. Quality, Integrity, Flexibility, Accountability and Safety. Words to live and work by for sure.