Read about owner & DVM Dr. Sadie Scott's experience with Luke Draily Construction for custom improvements to the Family Pet Hospital of Shawnee

Family Pet Hospital of Shawnee gets a Paaawfect makeover

“I would love to be able to share my experience I had with Luke Draily Construction with anyone interested in expanding or rearranging their footprint. Brain McDermott was an excellent first impression for how this process would go and he followed through with personalized attention until the very end, top notch communication!

Having never been through the journey of a construction project, Luke Draily’s men walked me through each step defining details as needed and guided my decisions always with my vision and financial parameters in mind. They repeatedly had options for me to choose between and once, when I did not like any of the options provided, they found another option within a day that was exactly what I wanted. Their expertise in this process was invaluable and I would highly recommend the company to any friends, family or strangers needing to hire for a construction project.

On top of the overall company’s outstanding practices, we were assigned a supervisor to our job who started our project as a stranger and completed our project as a friend. John Harper, working in my office daily, treated my property as if he were working on his own and took great care in listening to me and my team in how our finished office needed to look as well as function; he executed the work perfectly. Most importantly, John treated my team and my clients as if they were his own family and for that, I am eternally grateful and am convinced, I could not have hired better people to accomplish these projects for me, my team, our patients and our clients!

John and Greg went above and beyond for me when I wanted to incorporate a commissioned reception desk from walnut my father had milled himself. These two gentlemen traveled south to my father’s house to pick out the milled wood and transported it to KC Customs Hardwood for me. They arranged a private tour of the professional mill that blew my father and I away and was clearly above and beyond what they had to do for us. We often talk about the experience and am so thankful for their kindness. Lastly, the talented craftsman, John Harper, worked diligently constructing our breathtaking live edge reception desk and completely turned our lobby focal point into a piece of artwork that I will treasure for a lifetime. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring as much as I did about this piece.

I am certain that when I have my next construction project, Luke Draily Construction will be my first call to hire.

Thank you for the thoughtful and beautiful work you put into my veterinary clinic, your business practices and John’s unique talents will forever be a part of our amazing journey and I am so very appreciative for all of you, thank you.”

Dr. Sadie Scott
Family Pet Hospital of Shawnee

After thought:

You are more than welcome to use my testimony; I am happy to revise it to describe the thoughtfulness and cleanliness of the project as I left those things out but they were very important and appreciated, especially in a medical facility!

I would love to have John at our clinic every day but he wouldn’t accept my many job offers for far more stress and far less money!  LOL.  I may have to create projects just so my team can have John around some more, we miss him!

You have a wonderful group of humans and I feel blessed to have had our paths cross; also, as you know, your awesome humans are incredibly skilled and talented too!!

Thank you so much and kindest regards,