Our Reputation


More than just a word, Luke Draily’s integrity is the core of our firms values. Our reputation "WALKS THE WALK" and is consistent through out all aspects of our business operation. We are proud of our values, and believe that they have been vital to our long-term business relationships and are the foundation for commitments and future success.



Solutions are achieved through collaboration. “Two heads are better than one, and three are better still!” Clarity and Honesty are fundamental in all successful working relationships. We invite all insightful commentary on every project. Excellent communication is key for the evolution of a project from conceptual idea to a fully operational building.



How do you measure performance? It’s elementary…Testimonials, Referrals, and Repeat Business!! Luke Draily has them. An exceptional, cohesive support staff provides our clients with comfort level unsurpassed in the construction industry. Reliable coordination of scheduling, budget, and quality controls allows efficient productivity on each unique tailored project.



Adapt and overcome or get lost in-the-mix. Tough words in a competitive world. Luke Draily’s comprehensive network of professionals allows us to capitalize on “What If” scenarios during the design/engineering phase of a design build project. Having our own in-house architects, provides our clients/project partners a confidence and an overview capability not available from other construction companies.



Luke Draily consistently researches innovative approaches to the construction and design of any project. Our staff is encouraged to search out dynamic, innovative and technologically advanced alternatives to the construction process. By combining time tested construction methods with modern construction techniques and state-of-the art building materials, Luke Draily is able to construct cost effective buildings that are tailored to suit any client’s needs.



Luke Draily’s uncompromising workmanship has earned us the trust and respect, from referrals and all of our repeat customers. Complete and integrated planning for all building disciplines, eliminates ambiguity and gray areas, that can strain client/contractor relationships. Luke Draily understands the construction business is first and foremost a ‘SERVICE INDUSTRY’. Our philosophy is a process, committed to quality, unwavering oversight guidelines, excellent communication and customer service, with resources that deliver a proud end product to all clients.


Exceptional Safety Record

At Luke Draily, it is our ethical and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees and for any visitors to work sites. As outlined in a written policy governing our operations, safety rules and regulations must be adhered to at all times. Procedures are followed at all sites to ensure that our employees and subcontractors have a safe workplace.


Luke Draily Construction Company in Kansas City Missouri