Dental Design


LUKE DRAILY CONSTRUCTION partners with GOETZE DENTAL for unmatched dental design and construction for your new build or renovation.

Since 1997, Goetze Dental has been a part of over 1,600 dental offices in the Midwest, from space planning and design to specifications and installation. Since most dentists only build a new space once or twice during a career, it is important to us that you have a fun and educational experience building your dream practice. In order to provide you the most guidance through this experience, we have created Goetze Design Services and teamed up with Luke Draily Construction. Our Design-Build team will assist you step-by-step through the design and construction of your project. By teaming with Luke Draily Construction, we can control and monitor the design and construction process throughout the duration of your project. This hands-on approach will ensure that your project will meet the project schedule and budget that you have intended.


We want you to work with Goetze Dental for your entire professional life, so we stand by our commitment to providing you with the best there is to offer and working with Luke Draily Construction we will make your dreams a reality.


It is our team’s desire to make sure your experience is one that you will look back on fondly, and one that, as you look into the future in your new space, you see as promising.


Congratulations on your decision to grow your practice. Luke Draily Construction and Goetze Dental look forward to working with you and your team.



Our Designer, Equipment Specialist, Architect and Luke Draily Construction will meet with you to determine your practice’s specific needs and wants. Consultations can be held over the phone, on-site, in your dental office, at Luke Draily Construction or at Goetze Dental.


Computer-Aided Designs

Plans are drawn with the latest in AutoCAD technology. These designs show your entire office, to enable you to better visualize the flow. They also allow the equipment that you have chosen to be accurately depicted to ensure a more ergonomically efficient office.


Interior Space Planning

Offices are laid out according to function. A well-designed office can increase productivity and reduce the stress of both doctor and dental team. A dental office has many specialized needs, all of which are considered in the final layout. Space planning is available for existing office remodels, new suites, or new buildings.


Equipment Specifications Package

Our design team will provide an entire package for each project. These packages include a ¼” plan with specifications and a ¼” plan with dimensions. These plans include smaller sections of the plan in larger sizes so details are more clearly shown. A folder is provided to our Install Team with all the information, including Pre-Install checklists, so they can make sure your dental utilities are properly located and manufacturer cut sheets. The install team will note all the new or moved serial-numbered items and their locations. Once we have that information, we catalog it for future reference.


Design and Construction Services

Our Architect will generate all drawings required to obtain a building permit. They will also work with you to ensure the design of your space meets all of your needs. Once the building permit is in hand, Luke Draily Construction will complete the construction of your space. They will coordinate with our Equipment Installation Team to be sure all of the required equipment utilities are in place at the correct location. Our Equipment Installation Team will install all the dental equipment when the time comes to finish the office.


Dental Design and Construction Services Testimonial

Luke Draily Construction recently completed a new dental office for Dr. Terry Davidson. Hear what Dr. Terry Davidson had to say about working with Goetze Dental and Luke Draily Construction.


Dental Design Layout Samples


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