Construction Managers


By offering state of the art technology, innovative ideas, teamwork philosophy, seasoned estimators and project managers, and an excellent reputation among subcontractors/suppliers Luke Draily can provide you with a competitive price, schedule to meet your needs, and the quality that you’re expecting.


Luke Draily’s Open Shop Policy gives them a clear advantage over their competitors. The Open Shop policy gives the owner the best of both worlds by utilizing union and non union subcontractors/suppliers. By combining all these efforts Luke Draily will make your dream become reality.



Luke Draily’s well rounded staff of estimators, project managers, and superintendents will closely manage subcontractor performance, submittals, quality control, scheduling, lien waivers, and project safety. Any client concerns will be addressed during weekly progress meetings with L/D staff, client, architect, and subcontractors.



During the preconstruction phase, Luke Draily will provide the client an early assessment of the proposed project. Luke Draily will work closely with the client to help identify the project scope of work, conceptual cost estimates, project schedules and budgets. By establishing the project goals and client expectations during this phase, Luke Draily can proactively address these issues before project construction commences.



At the time of completion for each project, Luke Draily provides to the client all project close out information. This will include Owners Maintenance Manuals showing manufacturers and specifics from the equipment installed as well as paint colors and flooring choices that were used. All subcontractors as well as Luke Draily provide specific guarantees for work performed as well as a blanketed 1 year after completion complete warranty. Copies of all the subcontractors/suppliers final lien waivers are also provided for the clients records.


Luke Draily Construction Company in Kansas City Missouri